Up in Maryland, there are some folk who are fierce in their efforts to get the Maryland death penalty statute overturned this year.  Today, news reports out of Baltimore are that their efforts have brought things down to one, single vote needed to get their proposal through the state senate.  

Then, things will move to a floor vote.  What if the law passes?

Well, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is ready for it.  He’s been against capital punishment for a long time, and he’s been a force in getting things to this juncture.  

If the state legislature opts to repeal the Maryland death penalty statute, this is one governor who will not do anything to keep that repeal from going forward.  He’ll celebrate it as a victory.  

Is the repeal being driven by dollars and cents?  

To some extent, apparently.  Whatever the reasons, odds are high that capital punishment will soon be no more in the State of Maryland.  

Image:  Maryland Governor O’Malley, who has been quoted as believing the Maryland death penalty is "a waste of money" and "ineffective."