It’s not over, this argument regarding the drugs being used in lethal injection executions in this country — but it is over for Texas Death Row inmate and convicted serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells who died last night in Huntsville, Texas, as his death penalty was carried out.

The United States Supreme Court denied Sells’ petition for writ of certiorari yesterday and Sells was executed shortly thereafter.  (Read the succinct order of denial here.)

As for the arguments involved in Sells’ last appellate argument – that the State of Texas should reveal the supplier of the drugs to be used in the execution (and which did get a stay for a period of time), here is the Opinion of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals vacating the stay and allowing the privacy of the drug manufacturer to remain secret:

Fifth Circuit Opinion April 2014 Removing Sells’ Stay of Execution Re Secret Supplier of Lethal Execut…