There is a good overview of the current state of lethal injection executions published in The Tennessean (and picked up by USA Today) which goes into detail regarding the current dilemma in this country regarding lethal injection executions.

Different states are approaching their Execution Schedules differently — Texas and Florida, of course, are going forward with lethal injection executions.  Texas has a new and secret supplier of pentobarbital so its execution schedule shouldn’t be thwarted by a lack of supply.

Not so for other states.  

Tennessee has reacted by bringing down the curtain down its executions and there’s a lawsuit brought by Death Row inmates seeking to change that — one question, who is the state’s drug supplier?

It’s a big question – who is supplying the drugs to the state executioners?  

And do these companies have a legal right to wear a hooded mask of sorts, hiding their identity from the public as manufacturers of a drug that is used to kill people?