With all the fires being flamed over capital punishment in the United States and lots of discussion about ending the death penalty, it’s interesting to note that in many parts of the U.S.A., the death penalty remains viable and there are those who are working hard for executions by the state in their part of the country.

1. In Pennsylvania, Attorney General Files Motion to End Moratorium

Last week, the Pennsylvania Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, officially challenged the moratorium against the death penalty that has been put in place by Governor Tom Wolf.  Kane wants the moratorium lifted so the state can proceed with the death sentence given to Hubert Michael for the rape and murder of 16 year old Trista Eng in 1993. 

Kane is proceeding on behalf of the Eng family.  She argues that capital punishment is the sentence that was given and that the law should be carried out.  She has filed her request with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, arguing that the Governor’s moratorium is unconstitutional. 

2. In Nebraska, Petition to Get Death Penalty on 2016 Election Ballot 

In May, the state legislature in Nebraska passed a bill and then overrode the Governor’s veto to make it become state law.  In it, the death penalty was repealed for Nebraska.

However, it’s not just Governor Pete Ricketts that wanted to keep capital punishment in Nebraska.  There is a large number of people that want the death penalty to remain in the state, and they’ve formed the group Nebraskans For the Death Penalty.

The goal of their group is to get enough signatures for a referendum, which would allow for the issue to be placed on the 2016 election ballot for all citizens of the state to vote.   They’ve got a deadline of August 27, 2015, to get enough people to sign up.  Both the state’s governor and its attorney general are actively supporting the group’s efforts. 

Meanwhile, over in Nevada….

In Nevada, the death penalty is on the books.  And the State of Nevada is spending lots of money for a brand new death chamber even though they don’t have any executions on the schedule just now.