With thanks to the recordkeeping of NCADP, here is a list of those doomed to die at the hands of the State between now and the end of this year.  Notice how many are set in Texas – and Ohio:

Jun 2: George Jones, TX  

Jun 9: Melbert Ford, GA    


Jun 10: Richard Nields, OH 


Jun 10: John Forrest Parker, AL  

Jun 15: David Lee Powell, TX   

Jun 17: Jeffrey Matthews, OK   

Jun 18: Ronnie Lee Gardner, UT   

Jun 30: Jonathan Green, TX 

Jul 1: Michael Perry, TX   

Jul 13: William Garner, OH  

Jul 20: Derrick Jackson, TX   

Aug 10: Roderick Davie, OH   

Aug 17: Peter Cantu, TX   

Sep 15: Kevin Keith, OH   

Sep 28: Gaile Owens, TN   

Oct 6: Michael Benge, OH   

Nov 16: Sidney Cornwell, OH   

Update:  Richard Nields (June 10) granted clemency by Ohio governor; now serving LWOP