Florida’s Execution Schedule has tomorrow, February 15, 2012, as the day that Robert Brian Waterhouse will die for the murder of Deborah Kammerer back in September 1980.  Yes, if you do the math you’ll find that it has been over 30 years since Waterhouse was convicted of this crime and this latest execution date.

Will Waterhouse be executed by lethal injection this week? 

Right now, as this post is being typed, we can imagine that he is in the process of meeting his fate on that table, after living year after year after year, mostly alone, in a small cell (six by nine) at Starke’s Florida State Prison.

He’s now 65 years old.  Decades, literally, in a room smaller than most of our bathrooms and maybe around the same size as many walk-in closets.  Six by nine isn’t a big space.  So much for all that chatter about the cushy life on a state death row – Florida isn’t California. 

He’s already a footnote in Florida criminal history, since he’s been on Florida’s Death Row longer than anyone else who has been executed by the state (though there are others who have resided on Death Row longer than Waterhouse). 

It’s All Up To Governor Scott and Justice Thomas

Last month, Governor Rick Scott signed the death warrant for Robert Brian Waterhouse, setting the execution in motion.  Now,  a group of Catholic Bishops have written Governor Scott asking for clemency.

It’s Tuesday evening and no clemency so far.  The execution is scheduled for six o’clock on the evening of February 15, 2012. 

Last Friday, Waterhouse’s lawyers filed a last minute request for stay with the United States Supreme Court.   You can watch that docket online, the decision rests with Justice Clarence Thomas.

The prison already has media updates scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, before and after the execution. It’s not looking good.