Cameron Todd Willingham’s story is sad and tragic and true, and it’s a great thing that there is more and more media coverage of how this innocent man was executed by the State of Texas.   

Hopefully, the travesty of justice in the Cameron Todd Willingham case will remind us all that there are real people setting on Death Row in this country today who are innocent of the crimes of which they are convicted … and that in some instances, there are correlated evildoers enjoying their freedom while they should be the ones being punished for their acts.

The Innocence Project List

The Innocence Project has started an online list of individuals who have been sitting on Death Row in this country — convicted and innocent.  Currently, the site has not added Mr. Willingham’s name to the list — and there may be more names out there that aren’t shown on the IP’s site (I’d appreciate being notified of others, by the way), but these names are there, and it’s worth a visit to the Innocence Project page to read their stories:

Kirk Bloodsworth

Rolando Cruz 

Alejandro Hernandez

Verneal Jimerson 

Dennis Williams

Robert Miller

Ron Williamson

Ronald Jones

Earl Washington

Frank Lee Smith

Charles Irvin Fain

Ray Krone

Nicholas Yarris

Ryan Matthews

Curtis McCarty

Kennedy Brewer

Michael Blair