Update on Terry Lenamon’s trial this month:  today, the judge declared a mistrial in the Michael Woods case. 

Details in the Ocala Star Banner coverage online.  (This article has been updated – the addition includes an interview with a juror; to see the update, click here.)

You can see Terry in the photographs here, along with quotes from Terry Lenamon on the defense’s motion for mistrial which was granted today.

Earlier news coverage reveals the jury asking for lots of stuff to be sent to them in the deliberation room, i.e., transcripts of five trial witnesses, and yesterday afternoon there was talk of a hung jury.

Now, the judge has granted a mistrial due to juror error, because a juror went online to look up definitions of words like "circumstantial" (see the Ocala Star Banner link above for details).  

This means that this jury will be excused and the three weeks of trial that Terry and the defense team have been fighting for Woods this month will have to be started once again, in a brand new trial.  

Will the prosecution revisit the death penalty it’s seeking?  Stay tuned.

Have a good rest this weekend, Terry!