This week, Terence Lenamon was scheduled to begin a two-to-three week trial in the capital defense case of Paul Hildwin, having been appointed to handle the penalty phase of the retrial back in 2017.

However, things changed early this morning when Paul Hildwin was set free after spending 28 years on Florida’s Death Row.

Today, a plea agreement was accepted by the court and Mr. Hildwin was ordered released with time served.  In the plea, he pled no contest to second degree murder.  This allowed Terry’s client to avoid another death penalty trial and gain his freedom.

No Trial Today: Paul Hildwin Is a Free Man

For details, read “He spent 28 years on death row for a Florida murder. Now, he’s free,” written by Jack Evans and published by the Tampa Bay Times on March 9, 2020.

And for more on the case and Mr. Hildwin’s long journey to freedom after being convicted and sentenced to death by the State of Florida, read the Innocence Project’s “Paul Hildwin Set Free After 35-Year Struggle for Justice,” published earlier this morning and last year’s coverage of the case in Slate magazine, written by Andrew Cohen and entitled, “DNA Evidence Freed Him From Prison. Florida Is Retrying Him Anyway.”