It’s not over, this argument regarding the drugs being used in lethal injection executions in this country — but it is over for Texas Death Row inmate and convicted serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells who died last night in Huntsville, Texas, as his death penalty was carried out.

The United States Supreme Court denied Sells’

 There is a good overview of the current state of lethal injection executions published in The Tennessean (and picked up by USA Today) which goes into detail regarding the current dilemma in this country regarding lethal injection executions.

Different states are approaching their Execution Schedules differently — Texas and Florida, of course, are going

The United States Supreme Court has stayed the execution of Herbert Smulls by the State of Missouri, but the argument isn’t because Missouri is doing some strange new combination of untested drugs in a lethal injection method – no, the argument surrounds whether or not the identity of the supplier of pentobarbital must be revealed.

The State of Oklahoma executed Michael Lee Wilson yesterday by lethal injection.

News media reports are that almost immediately after the injection process began (within 20 seconds), Wilson said, ‘I feel my whole body burning  yet his body didn’t react in such a way that any of the witnesses could see his

Last month, the Florida Supreme Court (5-2) ordered that the December 3, 2013, execution of Thomas Knight (aka Askari Abdullah Muhammad) – which had been approved by Florida Governor Rick Scott – be stayed after hearing arguments from defense counsel regarding the proposed use of midazolam hydrochoride as part of the drug cocktail that would

Yesterday at six o’clock in the evening, Darius Kimbrough was executed by the State of Florida Department of Corrections after being sentenced to death in 1994 for the 1991 murder of Denise Collins of Orlando. Once again, Florida execution practices were hampered regarding the method of execution involving a lethal injection cocktail because Florida no

We’ve been monitoring how it’s getting harder and harder to execute people in this country by lethal injection because the lethal drugs for the lethal injection just aren’t available to the states any longer, or at least not much supply is left.

There’s been chatter about returning to earlier forms of execution (like the firing