The Execution of Hank Skinner is on schedule.  Hank Skinner will die by lethal injection over in Texas unless something happens within the next few hours to stop it. 

The Hank Skinner Case – We Could Know the Truth, If DNA Testing Is Done

Texas is notorious for its active implementation of the death penalty, just as California is known for avoiding its capital punishment option.  Why is the Hank Skinner case such a big deal?

Because Hank Skinner says he’s innocent — and Hank Skinner may well BE INNOCENT.  We’re not sure – but there’s a way to know:  have DNA testing done on Skinner, and compare it with the evidence from the crime scene. 

UT Law professor Rob Owens, counsel for Hank Skinner, asks the simple question: why not?  Why not do the DNA testing before the execution?  Good question. 

Hank Skinner is Set to Die Tomorrow – Before DNA Testing Can Be Done

Last week, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals nixed doing anything to stop the Skinner execution.  That’s the court headed by Chief Justice Sharon Keller, who’s facing possible removal for her actions during another 11th hour execution.

Now, Skinner has only two options — Governor Perry can order a 30 day reprieve (allowing DNA testing in the interim) or the United States Supreme Court can act.  The High Court has been asked to stay the execution, in part because at trial, Skinner’s court appointed attorney failed to test bloody knives and other evidence at the crime scene for DNA, to rule out his client as the killer.  (Skinner has been convicted of killing his girlfriend and her two adult sons on New Year’s Eve 1993.) 

Texans are crying out for Governor Perry to halt tomorrow’s execution and order the testing. Lots of folk all around the world are waiting and watching to see what Rick Perry (who’s up for re-election this year) will do. 

What can you do to help?

The Innocence Project has an online petition that is easy to complete, and send over to the Texas Governor’s office. Governor Perry’s phone number?  (512) 463-2000.  Just in case you’d like to know ….